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Classic Method since 1973

This Créant has been created with the will and the pleasure of consecrate the delicacy of the perlage and the fineness of texture to the contemporary femininity, to the softness and harmony that accompanies the profound soul of the women of the Lakes.

Colour: Straw-colored

Aroma: Rich and inviting complexity of white fruit, such as the Dean pear with citrus and dried fruit finish is clearly perceptible. Defined aromas, without excess to testify to the perfect exposure of its grapes and their maturity.

Taste: Ample, enchanting and generous. Its acidity is perfectly integrated within the sweetness of the flavours of well mature fruits, which underlines its exquisite elegance and seductive harmony, both endorsed by an astonishing fineness.

Grape variety

Chardonnay 100% coming from the vineyards oriented at the crack of dawn


extremely fine bubbles, harmonious and crunchy that create small and delicate chains with a soft and light froth

Serving temperature

4 °C

Technical sheet