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Rosé Philosophy

An antidote to formalism!

Costaripa rosé wines are an antidote to the banality and complications of everyday life.
They are wines that express themselves through elegance and nonconformity.
They are wines with exotic and violet fragrances.
They are wines with persuasive, silky and graceful bouquets, with a persistence of rare sapidity.
The Costaripa rosé wine is considered to have always been in the forefront thanks to its typical mellow face powder and pearl colour and a sharp evolutionary capacity due to refinement in small oak barrels which extend the volume of its aromatic and gustatory range; its natural juiciness brings to mind the sun and Mediterranean breezes.


The Bubbles of Mattia Vezzola

The “Mattia Vezzola Style” is representation according to an elegant and sober femininity or masculinity, made up of accurate details which try and remain unchanged over time…

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“Natural “effervescence” has always given me the pleasant sensation of mystery and the conviction that there is something magic in observing the tiny rising pearls.

I have always liked moving beyond rational imagination to transform the wine-making project into the light dream of authentic craftsmanship.

A toast to life, with a tiny and happy bubble that reaches the heart”.

Mattia Vezzola

Costaripa the Winery

Costaripa is located in the heart of the Valtènesi in Moniga del Garda.

The architecture of the place redesigns the features of the surrounding area and, through the use of natural materials, completely blends in with local morphology and colours, in total harmony with the surroundings.

The winery has always represented the value of the quest for new technologies at the service of tradition and respect for a philosophy keyed wholly to quality.

In its close relationship with human beings, the company opens its doors to guided visits and tastings to intensely enjoy the history and typical characteristics of its wines.