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Denomination of controlled origin

Costaripa dedicates this most typical wine of its history to Pompeo Gherardo Molmenti, creator in 1896 of the Chiaretto di Moniga. The “tear drop” method and ermentation in casks produces a Chiaretto in the long-standing “tradition” with remarkable character and longevity. Bottled after two years of ageing following harvest, lying in the bottle funtil its perfect maturity.

Colour: Light pink with peach colour highlights.
Aroma: Well-rounded with sweet white blooms, little red fruit and a subtle hint of vanilla.

Taste: Well-rounded, enveloping and complex structure with a lasting aftertaste of bitter almonds. Crisp freshness creates a stimulating drink. Excellent taste and extraordinary persistence.

Grape variety

Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese, Barbera.


8-10 years.

Serving temperature

12-15 °C

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