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Denomination of controlled origin “The wine of a night”

Made with the “tear drop” method which uses the pick of the crop and applies stationary draining before fermentation, thereby obtaining what is regarded as the heart of the grape. Half of the must ferments and develops in little oak casks of a capacity of 228 litres for around 6 months.
Colour: Very light blooming pink, characteristic of very soft, delicate vinification.

Aroma: Inviting, well-rounded yet at the same time subtly elegant. Hints of hawthorn, sour cherry and pomegranate.

Taste: A silky, harmonious texture, rich in excellent persistence and taste. Slight aftertaste of bitter almonds.

Grape variety

Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese, Barbera cultivated in our vineyards with the best exposure, overlooking the lake.


2-4 years.

Serving temperature


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